A Midwest Animal “Hunt” For Your Little Explorer…A Free Scavenger Hunt

A free Midwest Animal “Hunt”! Great animal scavenger hunt to do with your little ones! Have fun exploring!

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The Truly Important Nurse

The enourmous skill set nurse’s have are not represented well by the descriptions seen in commercials, TV, and movies. So who are we as a profession?…I challenge leaders to critically think how to use your nurses to their full professional capacity. Think less about checking boxes off in daily tasks, think more about the big picture. Utilizing your nurses in formulating process improvement and new initiatives. Nurses, I challenge you to think outside of your daily work. How can you contribute to the advancement of your department, hospital or the field?

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Less Sugar Snacks for Toddlers

I realized quickly how hard it is to find foods for toddlers and kids that aren’t packed with sugar… Many foods for kids and toddlers are marketed as “healthy”, “high in protein”, “ natural”, “gluten free” or “ organic”. These labels are for marketing, and don’t necessarily mean the foods are actually healthy. Large volumes of sugar can be hidden by the “healthy” advertisements on the front of the package. Be sure to turn things over and check the actual ingredients. Save all those extra grams of sugar for the parties! 🎈

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simple ways to reduce waste in the home

There are so many little things that we can all do to help the environment, that take minimal effort to change. Overall, many of these tips will save money as well. Keep in mind, implementing changes in small steps will overtime add up to big lifestyle changes. When million or billions of people make small changes, this equals millions or billions of improvements. Which overall add up to massive change.

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8 healthy habits for toddlers

I want to share some healthy tot habits that have worked for my family, specifically as working parents…Creating good habits at a young age will not only set your tot up for success as they get older, but will help make mommies and daddies lives a whole lot easier in the long run. Even if it requires a bit of work to be consistent up front, the consistency will pay in the future!

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a nurse…an artist

The one thing that I did not know as a teenager, a college student or a young nurse, is people really can choose their own path in life. It requires creativity, problem solving, flexibility, work ethic, and a lot of self belief. A graphic designer is an artist, just as those engineers who create beautiful kitchen sinks are artists. A surgeon is an artist, just as a musician is.

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Getting the Family Outside…In Winter

If your not a big outdoors person in winter, it’s imperative to keep in mind the importance of outside time for kids, even tots and babes. Being outdoors is important for their health, growth and development. Guess what? The outdoors are important for parents health and mental wellbeing as well. So if you you’d like to avoid a bit of seasonal depression, go get a good pair of boots and a long coat…and get outside!

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Light meal of the month

This polish sausage can be found at any grocery store, and it’s turkey version makes a good replacement for its true form. You can also cook it two easy ways. One pan meal, or foil bake. Since I’m not a cook, I’d take this more of a tip than a recipe…change it up to suit your needs! 😉

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Healthier Popcorn

Years ago I was frightened by some of the reports I heard about microwave popcorn and chemicals used to make it. Not knowing what to believe I decided to make my own… Enjoy your pop! I’m in no way a great cook but will try to share some of the very easy, and healthier snacks and meals we use in our house.

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keeping active in the winter

Staying active is much more attainable if you keep your routine simple. Also, don’t be so hard on yourself. Be active to feel better, rather than trying to attain that unrealistic 20 something figure you’ve been dreaming of having again. The real attraction is a person who is happy and healthy and that feels good about themselves as they are.

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Vaping: Teen Awareness

When it comes to health and safety it’s best to foster a open environment and to keep judgement at bay. It’s more important to know what your teen may be getting involved with than determining what type of punishment might be suitable. Have open discussions with your teen about vaping, and seek medical advice if they are using nicotine regularly and need help to stop.

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Screen time, or no screen time

As parents we receive never ending amounts of conflicting advice about raising our little ones. One highly scrutinized issue being screen time. As a former pediatric nurse, and a mom of an only child, with no pals to entertain him other than his parents, the inner conflict is real.

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Breaking Bias

Remembering that cultural awareness does not just mean race. It means anything from religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, a system of beliefs, to financial background. This is why it is important to have self awareness. Where do I have opportunity to grow? Can I improve upon myself? What can I impress upon my family, my peers, or within my own community?

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Own Your Uterus

I said it. Own your uterus. It’s yours, along with everything that comes with it. I understand many women prefer to keep all things uterus personal. For me as a nurse this was a struggle. I decided to be more open. I thought if I didn’t tell people they would think I was insane. I […]

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Surviving 2

Don’t survive two. Embrace it. Give your toddler extra snuggles, and maybe grab a glass of wine at bedtime. Enjoy! It won’t last long!

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