Bring the dress back!

The scrub dress. Just think about that for a second. What image comes to mind, a white below the knee dress, white tights, and a white cap? That’s exactly what I think. I knew two nurses who wore them. They didn’t look like old ladies, they didn’t look stuffy, or like nurse Rachet. They wore those white scrub dresses like a boss. And yes, one of them even wore her nurses cap. They both happened to work as night supervisors at a St. Mary’s hospital. I was working as a nurse technician while I was going to nursing school. I think they were the first and the last nurses I’ve ever seen wear those classic uniforms. Both obviously making an impression on me, as I’ll never forget those uniforms.

When I think back, There was actually something very comforting about their appearance in those uniforms. Those two nurses had a very calm assertive air about them. Especially the nurse who wore her cap daily. So clean, so professional, so experienced. Some how those uniforms reflected their pride in the profession. Of course, they were also excellent nurses, who happened to be great at their job.

If I ever have the opportunity to wear scrubs again, I’m absolutely purchasing a scrub dress. And just think, with all the choices we have in leggings and tights right now, no more white dress, white tights, white shoes…unless of course that’s the look your going for. Some days when working on the unit, the day can just be overwhelming. Leaving a nurse feeling a bit battered, and even unappreciated. Sometimes, I felt like I’m working to just complete task after task, checking off the boxes as I go. Being given the least amount of time to do the largest amount of work possible. Often, I’d come home feeling like a “shift worker”, rather then feeling like I was able to do my best work. Not always able to take care of my whole patient, as it’s a nurses job to do. Not always feeling like a professional, even when working my hardest.

It’s after those rough days I can picture myself coming in to work, rocking that scrub dress. A symbol to remind myself and fellow nurses, we are professionals, our work matters, our skill set is unique. We nurses are very necessary to keep that hospital running, and to keep our patients safe. I think that’s what the scrub dress really stands for. The nostalgia of a simple uniform, the scrub dress, to remind us as nurses of our nursing roots.


One thought on “Bring the dress back!

  1. I worked with “Mrs. Fields” on the iv team.
    She wore a dress and cap daily, she was the epitome of a professional nurse. Great article Ginger Mama!

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