Surviving 2

My son just turned two. As you can see as quickly as he turned two, I’m behind on my blog. Why is this? A switch has turned on. It turned on the evening of his two year old birthday party. I thought it was the cake, the snacks, lack of a nap. However, days later he remained stubborn, cranky, and relentless with his temper tantrums over anything not going his way. He cried for “nacks” (snacks), he cried for “phone”. Bath time, which previously was a favorite, now a full out temper tantrum in the tub. Yesterday, he smooshed a poop diaper against his bedroom wall during a diaper change tantrum.

With some slow progress over the last month, everyone’s adjusting. It maybe taking us an extra glass of wine or two to get through the week…(possibly just an excuse to have a glass or two of weekday wine 🙂 ) We are starting to get back into our routine. At times needing to be a little more creative. Which makes sense. That little two year old brain is developing. And as it should be. After days of Tantrums around dinner, I gave him a project to do. He “Makes eggs” by stirring old Easter eggs in a bowl of soap suds. Allowing me to get a little work done in the kitchen. We made a terrarium, decorated bird houses. He’s learned how to water the plants. This is a plus for me. Previously this was a task I often forgot to do without the little guy reminding me.

Sure there are a few more messes. It can be a struggle, uncomfortable, and it’s time consuming to hold out during a battle against the will of a two year old. The pay off is, by keeping those little brains busy, keeping those little muscles active, and being consistent with rules, it makes life easier for everyone. I don’t have any answers, or parenting advice. My reason for the post is not to give people parenting advice, or tell them how to raise their little ones. Just know that as parents we all will have our battles. Sometimes as parents we are mentally beat up, and worn down. In the end there really is no one “terrible” stage. Kids go through stages. It’s part of normal development. It’s part of growing up into a little human. Terrible twos aren’t worse than three, or four, or sixteen. Ultimately, there are stages that each parent will find to be a challenge. The challenges will differ from parent to parent…kid to kid, stage to stage. Embrace those stages, and just know that “dreaded stage” will pass in a heart beat. There will be a day you miss those sleepless newborn nights, those terrible twos, and those dramatic teenage years.

Don’t survive two. Embrace it. Give your toddler extra snuggles, and maybe grab a glass of wine at bedtime. Enjoy! It won’t last long!

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3 thoughts on “Surviving 2

  1. Well written! I can vouch for every stage bringing its joys and challenges. And that we need to embrace every single one, because it is over before you barely even realized it passed. The last 8 months for me are proof. I went from hardly believing I had a senior to now, still wrapping my brain around the fact that my kid has graduated from high school! And in a short 3 months I will be leaving him (at 17) somewhere that’s over 2 hours away from me. I’ve probably spent a total of 2 weeks of nights under a different roof than him during his entire life and this will be drastically new territory, for sure. It’s bittersweet. I wish sometimes that I could go back to certain times and tell myself to enjoy those moments a little more, for they are so fleeting. I know this is something that every parent goes through eventually, but it is really so different when the kid is your own.

    1. I know! So far in the last two years, I’m already missing all those little stages I sometimes struggled with. I guess that’s one of the best parts of being a mom!

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