“Daddy ome!”

“Daddy ome!” my son says. He says it when my husband gets home from work, when he gets back from a run, or even sometimes when he’s just in another room of the house for awhile. This little boy loves his daddy. And a good daddy he is. After my maternity leave, my husband was able to take a nearly a five month long paternity leave. He’s a teacher so we were lucky enough that the timing worked out perfectly for me to go back to work while my husband was on summer break. Immediately following summer break he was able use his paternity leave. In that time he kept the house straightened up the best he could. When I’d come home from work he’d get dinner ready so I could spend time with my son. While on his leave, he was able to finally get that kiddo on a nap schedule, which was a nearly impossible feat, as when I was on leave I swore my son never slept. 😂

Now that my son is two, daddy still takes his role generally sharing duties with me 50/50 whenever possible. My husband takes our son an occasional run, bike rides, teaches him how to fish, play piano, and play ball. And, luckily for me, he still cooks dinner at least half the time.

When my husband’s not taking care of us, he’s busy being a role model for his students. It is not unusual for him to receive thank you letters from his students for being a great role model. He’s helped give guidance to those kids when they have felt troubled or through some of their life challenges. One calling him the closest thing to a father figure she has ever had, and thanking him for being so supportive.

I want to thank my husband for all his hard work, and all the love and respect he gives us at home. Thank you daddy! Happy Father’s Day!


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