Living like the white rabbit…

All packed up to go on a bike ride and a mini hike…and the little one fell asleep prior to our way there. With his helmet on, in the bike trailer. So as you can guess, I will not be waking the little beast up. I guess that means a bit of impromptu mom time. Not a bad gig, just sitting by the lake in a quiet park, toddler sleeping, means a little mom relaxation and creativity time.

As I’ve gotten older I realized going to work, taking care of the house, taking care of our black bear sized dogs, and all the messes they create, on top of caring for my human family. I’ve turned into a bit of a time obsessed mom. “Time time, who’s got the time”…”I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date”. Essentially, that’s how my brain has been functioning. As a family we run a pretty set schedule. The dogs even have their own checklist, pacing around and begging for what’s up next, food, walk, potty etc. Routine is good for our toddler of course, and day to day it’s good for our family. That being said, I have to remind myself, like many people,and not just parents, that a bit of quiet time, meditation, time to yourself, it’s all important for our health.

Recently, I noticed that when I run or go for a bike ride, it’s not just good for losing a couple pounds. I’m finding as I’m getting older my brain is using exercise as more of a meditative state. I realize how my mind goes somewhere deep in thought. I’m able to problem solve, think creatively. Overall, giving my mind a sense of energy, yet relaxation at the same time.

So as I sit here by the lake, getting a bit of time to myself, it’s a good reminder to take advantage of some of the unexpected gifts we are given. In this case a bit of peace, and some time for reflection and creativity.

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