Nursing is a lifestyle

SO I will preface by saying, I nearly felt like quitting this little blog hobby I have. My goal was to create an environment for those people that I am surrounded by daily. Nurses, and moms. Nurses who are moms, nurses who aren’t moms, moms who aren’t nurses. It was getting hard to relate the two aspects of my life, I wasn’t sure I could mesh them up. Then I thought to myself, without the nurses I have at my side everyday, I wouldn’t be the mom that I am, the worker that I am, the woman that I am. Without, these women, and moms in my life, who would I have learned from? I think that’s enough of a connection for me. I’m not a perfect mom, women, wife, or nurse. But I have a whole lot of great people to look up to in life. I I think I am a pretty good nurse, wife, and mom because of them. And I have endless resources if I need a little advice, or just someone by my side.

As I stated above, I wouldn’t be who I am right now, had I not had the support of my fellow nurses. A little shout out to my former PrePost nurses and physicians, and the staff at Rush Oak Park. You know who you are. I secretly reference those women into nearly every blog, without name dropping of course. I want to avoid any direct embarrassment :). There is a great advantage to being a nurse, or having a nurse in your family. Taking a kid, or an elderly parent to the doctor, nothing is going to slide by me. When I see a person on the street, I can make a fairly accurate judgment of their health, and predict likely co-morbid conditions they might have. The downside of course is being worried about the worse case scenario, knowing a little too much, and occasionally people think you can diagnose their weird symptoms…in which I say…”No, I don’t want to see it”…and “You should go see your doctor”.

If you’re a new high school grad, looking for a career change, a parent looking for a job with any type of hours you need to work around your schedule, a degree in nursing or in healthcare is a great choice. Working in healthcare is challenging, hard work, and can often be a bit gross (sometimes that’s the fun part). As a nurse, the human connection with patients and the hundreds of co-workers you’ll have, the wealth of knowledge, the ability to assess a situation or a person quickly, the variety of work environments, really are priceless skills to have as a person. As a nurse, you really do make a difference in this world, whether it is for the people you take care of, the research you do, or the knowledge you can take home to your families.

Just like being a parent, or a wife, a daughter…being a nurse is not really just a job, its a lifestyle, and it becomes who you are.

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4 thoughts on “Nursing is a lifestyle

  1. Great article LeeAnne! It is so very true that nursing isn’t just a job, but it is ingrained into the fabric that makes up our life as a whole !

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