mom jeans…thank you millennial women for bringing them back

Has anyone else been saving their old jeans with hopes they’ll fit in them once again? Well, I’ve been trying to eat healthier, stay more active, play outside with the kid. Low and behold, after losing weight on the slowest custom weight loss plan ever invented (aka my plan 😉)… I did it. Dropped just enough to fit into a couple of pairs of my old jeans. I celebrated as I buttoned them up. Then looked in the mirror….wah…wah. Guess that muffin top of mine, though smaller, got a little lower, a little more loose after the kid. The culprit of the problem…low rise jeans 😡

The jean shopping I thought I’d avoid was inevitable. To the GAP I went. And low and behold I found a pair of dark wash button fly, high rise jeans. High rise! MY MOM told me months ago, “I only buy high rise, I like to keep things in, don’t want my muffin top showing.” I cynically responded “Mom, you don’t need jeans up to the boobs to cover a muffin top!” Should have listened to her sooner. I try a pair on, and instantly lost 10 lbs. They were A-mazing. I guess my mom has had past experience with those high rise button flys!

So thanks to those millennial ladies for rediscovering what my mom already knew. It’s nice to wear something that makes you feel good about yourself. Lesson learned. Dress in a clothes that work for your body. Don’t abuse your body to fit into clothes. Keep wearing things that make you feel good about yourself ladies. Stay happy, healthy, confident…and comfortable!

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