keeping active in the winter

It is literally still a few days before Halloween, but my fall/winter holiday festivities have already begun. In my family our holiday season starts in October. This is new since we’ve had the addition of little ones into our family. Previously, as a nurse I often had to work on and around holidays. This made the season far easier in terms of time commitment and on my waist band. Alas, now our family is full of munchkins. And as much fun as they are, this early holiday season is not going to be easy on my favorite pair of skinny button fly’s. Thank you again high rise mom jeans!

Already feeling like I have lost motivation to be active outside, I’m grasping for some will power to hit the road, the treadmill, or the “play” button on that 21 day fix DVD. Motivation is hard to find this time of year, less sunshine means less time outdoors. Full bellies from holiday celebrations mean more temptation to sit on the couch.

Last year I was able to combat the season by making a few changes to my expectations, helping boost my will power. Staying active is much more attainable if you keep your routine simple. Also, don’t be so hard on yourself. Be active to feel better, rather than trying to attain that unrealistic 20 something figure you’ve been dreaming of having again. The real attraction is a person who is happy and healthy and that feels good about themselves as they are.

Keeping Motivated:

  • Work out at home. This is key for me. In northern part of the country the last thing anyone really wants to do it get out of bed super early in the morning and face the dark and the cold. Bundling up just to get in the car for the gym can add more time to your routine, making workouts seem more cumbersome, making it easier to just stay in bed, or not take the time after work.
  • It’s okay to keep workouts short. 30 minute work outs are great. And, much easier to stick to if you feel you’re short for time. We all can make the time for 30 minutes of activity. After my son was born I often did only 20 minutes to get things started. 30 is better than 0. Do what you can.
  • In the winter my motivation to workout comes from streaming my favorite shows during my work out. This is my favorite trick. I’ve gotten through full seasons of my favorite series. Now my workouts are “mom” time, and there is no need to share the remote.
  • When the sun is actually making an appearance during the winter, find a way to get out there. Walk, run, or just play with your kids, or dog. You’ll feel so much better if you get to absorb some of that vitamin D.
  • Dress for the weather. Living in a city with four seasons, it’s important to have clothing to keep you comfortable no matter the weather. Dressing warm and comfortably will make being active outdoors much more attainable.
  • If you like the idea of working out at home, you don’t need a ton of space or equipment. If you don’t have a delegated space make one. Create a small nook that is pretty, and comfortable. A little table for water or equipment, a nice yoga mat, and maybe some essential oils in the air to give you a mental boost. You can tuck away weights/equipment in a storage cube or ottoman.

Making your routine quicker:

  • Have your workout clothes laid out and ready to go. Heck it’s winter, if you wear sweats to bed they can dual as workout pants, no changing necessary. Roll out of bed ready.
  • Don’t wash your hair everyday. That way if you workout in the morning you can sneak a shower in, but don’t full hair blowout. Dry shampoo is really your best friend.
  • Have your video or stream and equipment set up in advance. I pick my favorite workouts on Youtube the night before I do a morning workout. If you workout after work, have everything set to go. That way you can get to your workout before you have a chance to think about the chips in the cabinet.
  • If you don’t have time for a workout one day incorporate activity into your daily routine instead. Walk more, do stairs, jog to the grocery store to pick up that one item you need to make dinner.

Keeping active doesn’t have to take a lot of time. It just takes consistency. Keep your routine as simple as possible to keep your health goals attainable. It’s more about being active and healthy than it is about being super fit.

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2 thoughts on “keeping active in the winter

  1. So true! I either am consistent with my exercise or making good choices with eating but I fail to be consistent and it gets harder as I get older . Great tips Lee Anne !

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