a nurse…an artist

I wanted to set aside the health tips this week and get down to why I am really doing this. Why start a blog? I think I’ve touched on this a bit in the past, but I have always had an interest in the creative arts, and in science. When I was young, there were very few options in the work force to combine the two worlds into a profession. I chose science, essentially to make a living and pay off the student loan debt I knew I would acrue. As I’m sure many people can guess, it’s not easy to make a living in the arts. Or so my young brain thought.

After my nursing graduation ceremony, one of my professors told my aunt I was going to write someday. Well, she was right, I’m a nurse I write everyday all day. Though when I say write, I write about research, I write to teach, I write to protect my butt in a court room! So yeah, I’m a writer. But a day of creative writing for me is explaining how an offensive patient is being unruley, or refusing care…in the least offensive way. A kind of secret way of writing nurses learn. “Patient Sally declines deep breathing excercises. 30 minutes spent on education on the importance of activity and deep breathing/coughing post-op”. To a nurse this means Sally’s refusing to walk and deep breathe… it’s not my fault if she gets post-op pneumonia! Trust me, there is a bit of word smithing neccessary to work in healthcare. However, being a clever word smith is not the same as writing dramatic romance novels, or mind blowing thrillers. I got great grades on research papers, not so great in women’s lit or creative writing 😂

So, here I am blogging away. Not making a penny. Why am I doing it? Because all intelligent people whether a neurosurgeon, an artist or a teacher have one thing in common, creativity.

The one thing that I did not know as a teenager, a college student or a young nurse, is people really can choose their own path in life. It requires creativity, problem solving, flexibility, work ethic, and a lot of self belief. A graphic designer is an artist, just as those engineers who create beautiful kitchen sinks are artists. A surgeon is an artist, just as a musician is.

I write to fill a creative void, because lets face it…I know some clever ways around keeping a bed pan mess free and keeping kids and families calm while they are stressed. But that’s not a very sexy use of my creativity! My DIY projects, though are fun, turn out to be DIY fails. So here I am meshing two worlds into one, in a blog.

Creativity is growth. Lets show our fellow women, nurses, families, our kids how to grow.

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4 thoughts on “a nurse…an artist

  1. Love your thoughts about motherhood and creativity. I’m not a nurse, but was in a caring profession for a number of years before taking time to be home with my children. I appreciate your candid and thoughtful posts.

    1. Thank you! The caregiving professions are so female driven. I love bringing my work world into my mom world. I’ve learned so much from the moms and women in healthcare!

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