My Favorite 30 Minute or Less Online Workouts

As a full time working momma, time is valuable. Once those babies are born it can be a bit of a struggle finding the time to work out. For me working out at home saves me time…and of course it’s free.

I’ve joined gyms, clubs, several online health and fitness subscriptions. But for me…why pay when I have access to amazing free workouts literally in the palm of my hand or on my smart TV.

Here’s a list of my favorite You Tube workouts

My favorite Barre workouts:

FIT by Larie’s- 20 Minute Barre(less) Workout. Don’t be fooled by the 20 minutes, this one will kick your butt if you’re short on time!

POPSUGAR Fitness- 30 Minute Yoga-Barre Hybrid Workout to Empower Your Body & Mind. Mixes by two favorite worlds yoga and barre.

My Favorite Booty & Abs

POPSUGAR Fitness- 30 Minute Abs and Booty Workout/Class Fitsugar

Yoga with Adriene- Yoga for Core (and Booty!)

My Favorite Cardio

POPSUGAR Fitness- 30-Minute Standing Cardio Workout

POPSUGAR Fitness- 30 Minute, No-Equipment, Toning and Calorie-Burning Workout From Anna Victoria


Boho Beautiful- Best 15 Minute Body Burn

GymRa- 30 Minute Pilates Workout // Mat Pilates and Yoga Mix // Yogalates

Yoga With Adriene- Power Yoga Break / Yoga For Weight Loss

For the Family

I especially like to get my son involved with my workouts on cold or rainy days. Or in this case, during social distancing! We especially love Zumba with Dovydas, fun dances for moms and kids!

POPSUGAR Fitness- Have A Blast With This Family Fun Workout

Zumba with Dovydas- Zumba Kids- Electric Song Minions

Zumba With Dovydas- Zumba Kids (easy dance)- I like to move it

Work out with a fitness coach @katiemaj

If your the type who likes to keep motivated with the help of a fitness coach check out my friend @katiemaj. She loves to help others get creative with their home fitness, and has positive outlook on fitness, encouraging family fitness, and being fit to be healthy, not for the numbers on the scale!

If you like any of these workouts, please subscribe, like, follow them on socials. Many are run by female enterprenuers, so lets support eachother. I have no affiliates, so I have nothing to gain, other than sharing some of my favorites with other women and mommas!

Hope You all have a little extra time to get active this spring!! I’d love to here about what you do to stay fit at home!

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