Cold and Flu Season, Keeping Your Little Ones Safe

I would like to share a bit of the knowledge I have learned through my experiences with you all. So other parents can catch some of those signs your little one may be struggling with that respiratory bug, before it comes to a nasty ER visit. A nurse’s motto is “prevention, prevention, prevention”.

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keeping active in the winter

Staying active is much more attainable if you keep your routine simple. Also, don’t be so hard on yourself. Be active to feel better, rather than trying to attain that unrealistic 20 something figure you’ve been dreaming of having again. The real attraction is a person who is happy and healthy and that feels good about themselves as they are.

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Vaping: Teen Awareness

When it comes to health and safety it’s best to foster a open environment and to keep judgement at bay. It’s more important to know what your teen may be getting involved with than determining what type of punishment might be suitable. Have open discussions with your teen about vaping, and seek medical advice if they are using nicotine regularly and need help to stop.

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