Breaking Bias

A fellow nurse and a very good friend of mine confided in me that she is struggling with some issues with coworkers at hospital she works at repeatedly making culturally biased comments regarding patients. She, coming from a culturally diverse background, and having spent years living in a very progressive community, she is struggling to […]

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Bring the dress back!

The scrub dress. Just think about that for a second. What image comes to mind, a white below the knee dress, white tights, and a white cap? That’s exactly what I think. I knew two nurses who wore them. They didn’t look like old ladies, they didn’t look stuffy, or like nurse Rachet. They wore […]

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Shot shot shot shot shot… shot shot shot shot shot…time for vaccinations!

Every milestone, every birthday means its time for a pediatrician visit, and for the itty bitties…vaccinations. So for my sons two year old birthday, let’s chat about ways to help calm those little one for those pediatrician visits, and of course those shots. In the fashion of a typical nurse, let’s celebrate with some tips […]

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Calling New Grads!!!

OK, let’s get down to business. There is no question amongst nurses working in the field right now…there is an impending nursing shortage. Baby boomers are nearing retirement, and nursing school enrollment is down for multifactorial reasons. You can read American College of nursing for more information regarding that. I have heard about this […]

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