A Midwest Animal “Hunt” For Your Little Explorer…A Free Scavenger Hunt

A free Midwest Animal “Hunt”! Great animal scavenger hunt to do with your little ones! Have fun exploring!

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The Truly Important Nurse

The enourmous skill set nurse’s have are not represented well by the descriptions seen in commercials, TV, and movies. So who are we as a profession?…I challenge leaders to critically think how to use your nurses to their full professional capacity. Think less about checking boxes off in daily tasks, think more about the big picture. Utilizing your nurses in formulating process improvement and new initiatives. Nurses, I challenge you to think outside of your daily work. How can you contribute to the advancement of your department, hospital or the field?

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Less Sugar Snacks for Toddlers

I realized quickly how hard it is to find foods for toddlers and kids that aren’t packed with sugar… Many foods for kids and toddlers are marketed as “healthy”, “high in protein”, “ natural”, “gluten free” or “ organic”. These labels are for marketing, and don’t necessarily mean the foods are actually healthy. Large volumes of sugar can be hidden by the “healthy” advertisements on the front of the package. Be sure to turn things over and check the actual ingredients. Save all those extra grams of sugar for the parties! 🎈

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