Screen time, or no screen time

As parents we receive never ending amounts of conflicting advice about raising our little ones. One highly scrutinized issue being screen time. As a former pediatric nurse, and a mom of an only child, with no pals to entertain him other than his parents, the inner conflict is real.

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Breaking Bias

A fellow nurse and a very good friend of mine confided in me that she is struggling with some issues with coworkers at hospital she works at repeatedly making culturally biased comments regarding patients. She, coming from a culturally diverse background, and having spent years living in a very progressive community, she is struggling to […]

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Have you ever walked down a sidewalk, and really noticed your shadow? Sometimes at the right time of day my shadow is long legged, small waisted. You know, that slightly stretched out shadow. The slightly stretched version of yourself. Most times when I notice that shadow I think “if only I really looked like that”. […]

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