Momma, nurse, blogger

Welcome to Ginger Momma RN! A mom of two years and counting, a nurse for 16, nearly 10 in pediatrics, the director of my household. I started a blog because I was looking for a way to advance in my career, yet feel like I am being true to myself and MY own personal goals. Since college I’ve tossed around perusing an advanced degree. However, after finally paying off my student loans, I can’t fathom going back in debt to follow a career path that ultimately wouldn’t provide me more personal satisfaction at work. After years of thinking about a blog, but too shy to put myself out there, I finally did it. Most importantly to show myself, and my son that with a little creativity and by thinking outside of the box, you really can choose your own career path… if you can summon up a little bravery. So here’s to bettering ourselves, making healthier choices for our minds, our children, our pets, and the planet!