Living like the white rabbit…

I’ve turned into a bit of a time obsessed mom. “Time time, who’s got the time”…”I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date”. Essentially, that’s how my brain has been functioning.

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Screen time, or no screen time

As parents we receive never ending amounts of conflicting advice about raising our little ones. One highly scrutinized issue being screen time. As a former pediatric nurse, and a mom of an only child, with no pals to entertain him other than his parents, the inner conflict is real.

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Breaking Bias

Remembering that cultural awareness does not just mean race. It means anything from religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, a system of beliefs, to financial background. This is why it is important to have self awareness. Where do I have opportunity to grow? Can I improve upon myself? What can I impress upon my family, my peers, or within my own community?

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Own Your Uterus

I said it. Own your uterus. It’s yours, along with everything that comes with it. I understand many women prefer to keep all things uterus personal. For me as a nurse this was a struggle. I decided to be more open. I thought if I didn’t tell people they would think I was insane. I […]

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