Own Your Shadow…appreciating yourself as you are

Have you ever walked down a sidewalk, and really noticed your shadow? Sometimes at the right time of day my shadow is long legged, small waisted. You know, that slightly stretched out shadow. The slightly stretched version of yourself. Most times when I notice that shadow I think “if only I really looked like that”. […]

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Surviving 2

Don’t survive two. Embrace it. Give your toddler extra snuggles, and maybe grab a glass of wine at bedtime. Enjoy! It won’t last long!

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Bring the dress back!

The scrub dress. Just think about that for a second. What image comes to mind, a white below the knee dress, white tights, and a white cap? That’s exactly what I think. I knew two nurses who wore them. They didn’t look like old ladies, they didn’t look stuffy, or like nurse Rachet. They wore […]

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Here comes the sun…

As a red head, and the mom of a fair skin strawberry blonde, it is very important for us to have sun awareness in my household. Skin cancer does run in my family. Also, having my son in my late 30’s, I’d prefer not to look like his grandmother by the time he’s in his […]

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